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    Arthur Nichols has been painting since he was an Upper (or 3rd year student) at Phillips Exeter Academy. The death of his father, and being transplanted into a vastly different environment set him off on a search for meaning through art that continues to this day. To read about some of his experiences along the way, you can click the link to access his CV and Biography.

    Currently, Arthur has been working in watercolors, with a focus on the human figure. He also generally works in acrylics, making two dimensional art on paper and canvas.

    “I like to use myths and legends to generate new old ideas, bringing ancient human stories into a contemporary context.”

  • Painting in Sardegna

    Painting in Sardegna

    Italy has been a long love affair. My wife approves. Travels have included Firenze, Roma, Assisi, Spello in Umbria, Sorso in Sardegna, to name a few.

  • The place where the shore and the sea meet has always fascinated me. It is a space of connection and vibrancy, adventure, conquest, and commerce that has inspired us all since time immemorial.