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I am adding some new work based on wave forms, continuing with the circle paintings, and incorporating some of the Sangha ideas. Some of these paintings are a contemplation of evolution and the genesis of life, or maybe how one can become many. Others explore self and others, in-side and out-side. Still others explore waves seen and unseen; currents, streams of energy, interruptions in the flow.

I have also returned to the figure, adding more color than in the past. These paintings are mostly "a la prima", with live model and relatively short poses, so, not perfect, but very lively!

Landscape for me is an expression of place, and a direct response to what I see. It is grounded in geology and geography, wind, wave, rock, and mud.

I am less interested in depiction than in exploring rhythm, form, and color to create a thing you've never seen before, though it resonates in our common human experience, and contemporary sensibilities. I draw from the sciences of mathematics, geometry, and (astro)physics to understand pattern, phenomena, imperfection, to consider the numinous, and to contemplate the ineffable on a piece of paper.